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Freaked out too soon, or “read the manual”

I want to post this in case anyone encounters this same situation — perhaps you’ll see this while Googling yourself silly looking for the answer, as I did.

I used my Bernina 710 last night and all was well. When I turned it on tonight, it made this continuous whining sound and displayed something on the screen I’d never seen before*:

Bernina 710 error screen

Whaaaaat? I just took this thing in for service a couple of months ago and it’s wonky again? I immediately envisioned myself lugging the big girl to the dealer this weekend and being without it until the repair wizard could fit it in to his schedule.

The aforementioned Googling turned up nothing. As I was drafting my message to post to Sewing Pattern Review, hoping someone knew what the problem was, I was also flipping through my machine manual. I came across a picture of the little icon with the red thread around it, which was associated with the bobbin winder.

AHA! It turned out that the bobbin winder was partially engaged and whirring away, winding invisible unicorn thread. I must have nudged it to the left when covering up the machine last night.

So there you have it. If you’ve found this post, maybe you’ve searched for “Bernina 710 error message spool thread icon RPM 62 slider.” 🙂

*The fact that I thought I’d never seen that screen before is a testament to the awesomeness of those giant Bernina bobbins. It’s been so long since I loaded one up, I didn’t even remember that screen …